Garage Track Lock helps insure the safety of your home whether you are sleeping, on vacation or at work. Home alarm systems can be disabled by thieves. Garage track lock is an innovative product that is affordable and helps safeguard your valuables in your garage by creating a physical barrier inside and out. If a thief cannot open your garage door they also will not be able to exit through the garage. Most items in your garage will be safe. Garage Track Lock is less expensive than insurance deductibles and replacing your automobiles, ATV’s, motorcycles, tools, etc. The garage door is one of many ways for thieves to break in to your home. if they cannot open garage from outside they may gain access through a window or door and the garage door is the favorite exit for thieves because they will back into the garage with their vehicle or take one of yours that may be parked in garage already load up your belongings and leave without being noticed. Your neighbors cannot watch your house 100% of the time when you are away. Garage track lock once locked in place is designed to fit in your track tightly so when locked in place thieves in most cases are not able to cut and remove the lock with bolt cutters opposed to regular locks. Best of all Garage Track Lock Installs in seconds.

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